Pickleball - May 21, 2022
Fremont Tennis Center

Color Me Mine - April 26, 2022

Workshop presented by Brenda La Cosse

BACDSC Sponsored Sewing Retreat

Chinese New Year (2020)

Christmas Bingo (1999)

If you weren't there, you missed out the fun! Join us this Christmas!

Ramus 100th Birthday! Due to the pandemic restrictions at the assisted living facility where my dear Mom resides, we will celebrate her very special day virtually.  My youngest brother and niece will be with her in a separate lounge which allows up to 2 visitors.  Mom will have a birthday lunch with a few friends socially distanced and an interpreter in the dining room.  Red velvet cupcakes in the shape of 100 will be served along with a birthday song.  Mom's apartment will be decorated with balloons, flowers, a 72 x 30" banner with family pictures and a poster on her door.  We will visit Mom when COVID-19 is under control and bless VP for Mom and my daily chats.



 Judith and Phil